Stand Up MRI Scanner

Stand Up MRI Scanner

Locations: Beaumont and Houston

What comes to mind when your patients think of MRI scanning machines? An uncomfortable, noisy experience? Being trapped in a confined space?

Traditional MRI scanners have been known to cause stress to patients. We understand. That's why we're proud to provide MRI services that are remarkably different. Services that not only transcend conventional scanners and respond to your concerns and apprehensions, but also deliver images with exceptional clarity.

Our cutting edge MRI scanner features an open, non-claustrophobic design that gives patients a full-range of motion and an unobstructed view of the room. Patients can simply walk in, stand or sit for the scan, and walk out. This unique design brings forth a level of comfort that allows our patients to fully relax during their exam. In addition to being peacefully quiet, our scanner even provides the opportunity for patients to look ahead and watch TV.

Apart from conventional MRI scanning, in which patients are scanned while lying down, our MRI machine also has weight-bearing capabilities that can scan patients in the upright position, and use gravity to recreate the exact point of pain where symptoms occur. Through this technology, we are able to capture images that clearly reflect pathology, which would otherwise be undetected in conventional scans. Oversized patients, who were not able to be scanned in the regular MRI scanners, no longer need to take health risks and be excluded from utilizing MRI technology as an option for medical analysis. At Altus, patients who weigh up to 500 lbs can be accommodated.

With enhanced imagery software development and the dedication of our experienced radiologists, Altus can provide highly advanced scanned readings with an assured precision for quality diagnostic evaluations. Anatomical abnormalities are clearly identified and analyzed through our processes. A detailed report, complete with images and measurements, is then sent to the referring physician to help successfully elucidate, evaluate and treat your injuries.

At Altus, your safety and comfort are our highest concerns. With high standards and performance, we strive to make MRI scanning a safe, relaxing experience for our patients and provide clarity into each medical disorder.

Patient Handling System

  • Translation function advances the upright or recumbent patient into center of the magnet
  • Elevator function places standing patient's anatomy of interest at magnet isocenter
  • Tilt function rotates the patient from upright to the recumbent position
  • Table slightly tilted at 5 degrees to stabilize patients during upright scanning
  • Support fixtures for RF receiver coils integrated into the table
  • Motorized and computer-controlled
  • Fully MRI-compatible

Patient Comfort

  • The only true Open MRI
  • The most non-claustrophobic whole-body Open MRI
  • Walk in, stand or sit for the scan, walk out
  • Removable seat
  • An unprecedented degree of patient comfort because there is an unobstructed view of the scanner room from inside the magnet -- there is nothing in front of the patient's face
  • Movable, trans-polar stabilization bars to enhance patient comfort and stability during multi-positional scans such as flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending
  • Whisper Gradients™ for quiet scans

Position MRI™ (pMRI™)

  • Weight-bearing studies of the human anatomy
  • Unrestricted range-of-motion for flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending
  • Brain scans with the patient upright (vertical)
  • Patient positioning plays a critical role in detecting clinically significant pathology


  • 0.6 Tesla field strength
  • Iron-frame electromagnet
  • Front-open and top-open magnet design
  • Magnetic poles are on the left and right of the patient
  • Horizontal (transaxial) magnetic field orientation
  • 18 inch (46 cm) pole-to-pole, horizontal gap
  • Multi-positional capabilities for positional MRI™ (pMRI™) studies