Altus Health System billing personnel are trained and knowledgeable on the latest healthcare billing information and practices. Team members are available to guide each patient through the payment process and help address questions. In order to make the payment process as easy as possible and ensure your visit goes smoothly, an Altus representative will contact you prior to your visit or procedure to verify insurance information and help make any necessary financial arrangements.

A few other important notes:

  • We will bill your insurance company for your visit or procedure. Be sure to bring your insurance card, identification and any other documents you believe are necessary.
  • Fees quoted in a procedure cost include: admissions processing, preoperative assessment, operating room and recovery room charges, medications and medical supplies used during your procedure.
  • Fees not included in a quoted visit or procedure cost may include: laboratory tests done prior to your procedure or treatment, fees for your physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist or pathologist and any medications prescribed for home use.
  • Coverage may vary across our practices and specialties.

Accepted Insurers

Please contact the Altus physician office or facility that you will be visiting to confirm that your health plan is currently being accepted prior to your visit or procedure. Please note that information is subject to change.