What is a Breast Health Navigator?

  • Someone to turn to
  • Someone to answer questions
  • Someone to listen

Navigating The Breast Cancer Journey

A breast cancer diagnosis may cause a wide range of emotions to surface. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is often followed by a series of appointments with other specialists and additional testing as the most effective treatment path is developed for you. You may have questions as information is gathered by you and your physicians to make the necessary decisions for best treating your cancer. Fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, helplessness, and even loneliness may be a part of the emotional “roller coaster” that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis.

Along with your physician and your healthcare team, a Breast Health Navigator is available to you and your family for free to help guide you on this journey. The role of the Breast Health Navigator involves assisting you in making well-informed decisions and providing the support necessary to bridge the gaps you may experience in accessing or understanding your care. If you are faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, our Breast Health Navigator can:

  • Meet individually with you and your family to assist you in understanding your diagnosis and the treatment options you and your physicians have discussed
  • Help identify additional needs you may have as you undergo treatment and assist you in activating any available resources
  • Provide any additional education or support necessary to continue to make informed decisions and manage the necessary treatment
  • Guide and support you on your journey from diagnosis through treatment, and assist with follow-up care and support after treatment ends