Community Outreach

At Altus Cancer Center, we understand the importance of building healthy relationships with our communities and healthier lives for our patients. That is why we offer educational opportunities and resources for local schools, civic organizations, businesses and other groups — to increase awareness of risk factors, preventive approaches and treatment options, and ultimately help improve and save lives.

Our experts are available to discuss a wide range of important healthcare topics. Typically programs are one hour in length and highly interactive with models, demonstrations, videos, handouts and a question and answer session. We will work with you to customize the program to best meet your audience’s needs and welcome recommendations for additional educational opportunities.

In order to get started, please review our list of available topics and call us at 281.837.7602 to schedule your request.

Breast Health Awareness

Learn about breast cancer risk factors and recommended screening guidelines such as breast self-exams (BSE), annual breast exams by healthcare providers and mammograms.

Recommended Audience: Women, Adults and Teens

Cancer Awareness – Taking Control of Your Lifestyle

Hear from our experts how to reduce your risk of cancer, avoid cancer-causing elements, and take the first steps toward early detection.

Recommended Audience: Adults

Prostate Health Awareness

Get educated about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Learn about the importance of detecting prostate cancer early with a PSA blood test and digital rectal exam (DRE).

Recommended Audience: Men

Senior Cancer Awareness – Wellness is Ageless

Learn why it’s important for seniors to reduce the risk of cancer and how you can lower your risk by reducing exposure to cancer-causing elements and taking appropriate steps toward early detection.

Recommended Audience: Seniors

Testicular Health Awareness

Understand the risk of testicular cancer for men between the ages of 15-40 and discuss risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Learn how to perform a testicular self-exam (TSE).

Recommended Audience: Men, Adults and Teens

Tobacco Awareness

Learn about the health impact of tobacco use and why prevention is so important. Review approaches for both tobacco use prevention and cessation.

Recommended Audience: All