Patient Navigator Program

The Altus Patient Navigator Program: Helping Patients Find their Way

The possibility of a cancer diagnosis can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Patients and their families often need expert guidance, resources, support and compassion as they navigate difficult decisions and complex information. The Altus Patient Navigator program is designed to assist with all of these and specifically:

  • Explain abnormal test results
  • Provide education about a diagnosis
  • Schedule diagnostic procedures
  • Refer to our board-certified team of medical oncologists and radiation oncologists at a location convenient for the patient
  • Conduct genetic testing, counseling and education
  • Serve as a liaison with all members of the treatment team
  • Facilitate rapid turn-around time for scheduling tests and diagnosis
  • Guide and managing expectations related to therapy
  • Identify resources for prescription assistance, transportation and lodging

To contact or refer a patient to the Altus Patient Navigator Program, please call us at: