Kraig Killough
Chief Operating Officer

Kraig Killough is co-founder of ZT Wealth and a seasoned finance professional, with over 15 years of personal and corporate financial advisory experience. Under his direction, ZT Wealth professionals analyze individual and corporate growth objectives and generate sustainable revenues. Kraig’s forte is his unique ability to structure sound and comprehensive strategies for asset protection, retirement planning and wealth management. In addition, he brings an experienced but innovative perspective to asset allocation and business expansion and development, blending traditional approaches with new business concepts and technologies.

As the Chief Operating Officer of ZT Wealth, Kraig oversees the entire company’s growth and performance. He is particularly skilled in project planning and team-building strategies to accomplish objectives internal to the company or on behalf of client-investors around the world. Among the ZT Wealth clientele, he is well known for his ability to recommend the best practices and people to manage the growth of a company or a medical practice.

Kraig is also Chief Operating Officer of Altus Healthcare Management Services. Altus is a company designed and owned by physicians, enabling them to implement a higher standard of patient care at affordable costs while ensuring a profitable financial investment. Kraig manages operations and business development for this group of health care companies, which includes three Altus locations and several modalities: Oprex Surgery Center, Clarus Imaging, Zerenity Sleep Center, Altus Cancer Center.

Kraig is a graduate of the University of Michigan and began his financial career at Morgan Stanley, where he rose to the position of Senior Vice President and Compliance Officer prior to founding ZT Investments with Taseer Badar.

Kraig is committed to multiplying financial growth for individuals and small businesses with competitive investment and banking solutions. He is accessible, experienced, level-headed, and a great listener who welcomes inquiries from investors at all levels.